Monday, October 21, 2013

This one is for all of you Doctor Who Fans!

If you like Doctor Who this one is for you! We all love the TARDIS, how could you not? So I decided to make a binder that looks like our beloved TARDIS. For those of you who may wonder, unfortunately the answer is no, it is not bigger on the inside. =( But it still looks cool!! So I started with an old binder, scissors, and duct tape. This was my old binder. I know, it's weird. But I have had it for several years. From back when there was a Hannah Montana....

 Anyways, moving on! I had to remove the lovely plastic covering the binder because it made the Duct Tape look bubbly. So I cut that off and it made it much easier. After that I covered it with the Duct Tape. I covered the entire binder in a dark blue and then I added all the other parts to it. I had some genius idea to create the words by using little strips of Duct Tape. So it took FOREVER. But it looks good! So I am happy with it. Here is the finished binder

Isn't it cool?! I love it!!

Rating- Time-4-5
             Difficutly- 3
             Overall- 4 1/2

Thanks for reading!


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