Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Plastic Spoon Rose

At one of our previous sleepovers, me and my friend Miranda were looking for something to do. And this is what we came up with. A plastic spoon rose. We foun instructions that said to melt the spoons with a candle. Then, you glued them all together. How hard could it be? Apparently really hard!! They took forever to melt if you held it above the candle but burned when you held it right up next to the flame. Burning plastic spoons are no fun. Just trust me on this one. And then once we finally got them all melted, it took forever to try and fit it together. Because they all melted completely different from each other. The top is the one off of Pinterest, the bottom, is ours. We thought the different colors of spoons would be cool since we had them. 

Plastic Spoon Rose Necklace

Time- It was about a 4
 Overall- 3


Mini Bow and Arrow

So I'm sure by now you have all seen this, right?


Seemed cool! So I of course had to try!! I got the pen to make and and I was set. Except I also ended up needing scissors, duct tape, a glue gun, and burn gel. I needed the scissors because, well, there is no other easy way to make a hole in the middle of the pen. Hence bringing out the scissors to poke a hole in it. The glue gun and duct tape would be because the rubber band would not stay for anything!! So I put a ton of glue on the end of it with the rubber band. Then it would still not stay so I decided to use duct tape as plan B. Burn gel is because I burned my fingers several times with the glue gun. Not fun, but it happens to the best of us. So I finally got it finished and surprisingly, it actually works really well!! Took way longer than I anticipated but is actually really fun to use!!

Rating: Time-2