Saturday, September 15, 2012

Our First (Somewhat) Epic Fail

Now, before I start I would like to say something. Lately I've been looking at the Pintrosity blog. (Funny stuff by the way) There's stuff on there I wonder how in the WORLD that could go wrong. But it does. And this project was one of those projects.

  For a while anyway. My first attempts were BAD. They looked my thing of ribbon had a fight with the potato masher. It took at least 25 million 10 times for me to even make progress on how they look.

Here's the original pin:

Potato Masher Bow

My first ones did NOT turn out like this. Here's with progress:
Here's my best one:

 Isn't it pretty?!

One of my complaints would be that the wider ribbon didn't work well. Here's my example:
 It wouldn't work because it was as wide as the potato masher and so it was hard to wrap around like you need it to. it wouldn't cooperate with me OR the potato masher. I usually got better results from the thinner ribbon.

 So, the rating. Overall it was a 3. I was OK with it. Time was a 1. Under 20 minutes for sure. Lastly, difficulty. This was a one because it's easy enough for anyone. And all you need is a potato masher, ribbon, and plenty of patience!


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